Project Topic

Music Recommendation using Machine Learning

Project Features

The music provider can predict and then offer the appropriate songs to their users based on the characteristics of the music that has been heard previously.

Programming Languages Used

Python Machine Learning

Framework/Libraries Used

There is use of k-means clustering algorithm to cluster users to fill user- music matrix, finding user of similar music taste.

Project Description

Project Description

The goal of such a recommendation system would be to provide personalized content by rightly identifying what the user wants. This means that computers will have to think the way humans do; analysing each of the user’s last choices to predict what they would like in the future. As we have already seen, whenever there is a need for a machine to mimic human behavior, we have to utilize Machine Learning techniques. Therefore, in this project, we will be relying on Machine Learning and Neural Networking techniques to build the ultimate music recommendation system.

Concepts Used

  1. Basics of Data Segmentation
  2. Python Programming
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Machine Learning Fundamentals
  5. Neural Networking

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